Here's a Preview of Your Beauty & Truth Rewards Customer Benefits

Beauty & Health Benefits

Amplify your results & maintain that
beautiful, healthy lifestyle with custom
designed health & wellness benefits...

  • + Skin Care & Beauty Tips
    + Health & Wellness Tools
    + Diet & Nutrition Guides
    + Workout & Fitness Videos
    + Health Information Library
    + Online Physicians
    + 24/7 Nurse Hotline
    + Fresh Grown Foods
    + Custom Meal Plans

$100 Bonus Product Credit

As an extra bonus, Beauty & Truth Rewards
customers get a $100 Product Credit every month.

Choose from our popular line of products
like Eye-Fi Under-Eye Wrinkle Reducer,
Illuminating Scrub, Oxygenius Deep Cellular
Renewal Serum, and many more.

The true, beautiful you is just a click away!
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A Product Each Month

Beauty & Truth Rewards customers receive the ultimate
in great products, great savings, and great benefits:
  • + Your Choice of A Product Each Month
    + Health & Wellness Benefits
    + “Better You” Beauty & Skin Care Resources
    + Plus Exclusive Discounts & Deals
    + This Program is Full of Value!
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